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Respondent driven sampling (RDS) is a widely used research method used to collect data from hidden or hard to reach populations through recruiting participants from their social networks.

BRYANT Research Systems has created a web based respondent driven sampling research management system to assist in the collection of data of a respondent driven sampling research site or multiple concurrent study sites. The system ensures the quality and the integrity of the data collected in real time. The system allows for offsite monitoring.

BRYANT Research Systems developed respondent driven sampling software that generates the unique serial numbering used to link a participant and their social network and convert it into a barcode. QR and standard barcodes are compatible with the system.

The respondent driven sampling participant data is linked to unique serial number and attached to any hard copies and laboratory samples for easy capturing. The laboratory can be linked to capture results directly onto the system. The participant is tracked throughout the research site via the unique barcode.

Features of the BRYANT System:
Generate Coupon Numbers
Capture Participants
Eligibility Screening
Audio Web-Based Self Interview Questionnaire System (AWEBSI)
Incentive Management
Data Management
Off Site Monitoring
RDSAT and NETDRAW Compatible
Biometric Systems

Bryant System

The BRYANT Research System simplifies the data collection and site management of respondent driven sampling research by eliminating the use of separate coupon, questionnaire and data management systems.



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