Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I set up a research site?

Q. How many users are allowed per research site?

Q. What is RDS and Bryant Research Systems?

Q. What are the Data Requrements for respondent-driven sampling or RDS Analysis

Q. What is unique about the system that you have created?

Q. What are the Hardware/Software requirements to operate the Bryant System?

Q. What are some of the advantages of Bryants web-based system.

Q. Which Zebra printers are supported by the Bryant System?

Q. What tips do you have for best operating the BRYANT system?

Q. My printer skips labels.

Q. The Bryant system is serving us well but there are other features that we need. How do we get these features incorporated into Bryant?

Q. If we wanted to integrate this with a laboratory so that they could also keep track of the specimens at the lab and report the results back to the staff at the RDS site (many studies do not do rapid testing, but rather have participants return in 2 weeks

Q. What would be needed at the labs since the IDs would be applied at the RDS site, and then the lab would need to read them and put them into a database?

Q. We are planning on doing RDS in 6 sites so does that mean we need to buy the scanner and printers for each site if we want to use this method plus the program database?

Q. Are there other ways to notify participants?

Q. What are QR barcodes and how are they useful?

Q. How does BRYANT Research Systems handle and manage their clients data.

Q. Javascript: How do I enable this on my browser?

Q. How many coupons are required for a respondent driven sampling study?

Q. What is respondent driven sampling?

Q. What are the response rates to respondent driven sampling?

Q. What is the Innovative in Data Collection that is unique to the BRYANT System with regards to Respondent-driven Sampling

Q. We would like to survey deaf participants for a behavioral study. Do you have a solution for us?

Q. The participant selected a questionnaire in Xhosa now they what to change to English. What do I need to do to change the questionnaire language chosen by the participant?

Q. Is RDSAT 7.1 compatible with the Bryant System?

Q. We are planning a study using Samsung TAB2 10.1. Is the Bryant Resesaerch System compatible?




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