Design & Concept Team

Bryan Hansen was involved in respondent driven sampling (RDS) of men in multiple concurrent sexual relationships and the incidence of HIV amongst these men.
While involved with this study he became aware of the complexity of the method of collecting data. This led to designing a system that would enable fieldworkers to collect data in real time and for researchers to be able to monitor the data collection progress off-site.
It has led to a system that eliminates human error in collating all the data that is linked through the complex serial number that is electronically generated and printed and then attached to the participantís hard copies and lab specimens. These numbers are then scanned and linked into the data base to capture the data.
Bryan is involved in community development projects in South Africa encouraging men to become involved in uplifting their community. These programs are wilderness based programs and interventions.
He spends his free time in nature.

Anthony Bull is a Civil Engineer currently working in the field of electronics and software programming. Anthony spent many years developing disposable medical products used in the prevention of accidental needle stick injuries. He has taken Bryan Hansen's system concepts and created the online software and linked it with relevant hardware for BRYANT Research Systems. He understands the need for a simplistic user friendly system for data capturing.






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